Learning from my first puppy as a kid

my first puppy damaged my led light up shoes
my first puppy damaged my led light up shoes

My first dog, Robbie, stole my heart when I met him. I still remember when my childhood light up shoes were damaged but I still loved him. The reason was that I was young and incredibly motivated. In addition, I had obtained the dog without the permission of my parents and was therefore very concerned that the dog not make any trouble. I dare say that almost all dogs are potty trained fairly quickly. However, it should be remembered that it may sometimes take up to eight, ten months for some dogs before the room cleanliness is fully consolidated. Room cleanliness is something you have to train. The happier and more energetic you are in this exercise the faster and better it goes. I still remember when my dog pee on my light up shoes destroying their lights.

Things to keep in mind when training your dog

Do not bark on the dog when it gets into it. It does not understand, which in turn will create stress. This stress can give the opposite effect in your exercise to make your dog rumble.

Do not push the dog’s nose into what it’s done. This ancient technique has proven to be completely useless and is just a form of animal wreckage.

Do not be bothered by panic or worry, even though this workout will take a bit of time.

After food and play

Normally, one usually says that the puppy needs to pee immediately after a game or immediately after waking up after a sleep. The puppy needs bait about fifteen, twenty minutes after it has eaten. These times are not hundred percent but it’s usually good times to keep your head.

In this workout, it’s great if you try to raise the puppy in one and the same place to the extent that it works. That way, the puppy will more easily understand what you want. This place should be close to your home and need not be great at all. The place should also be as calm as possible because things around can distract the puppy so that it simply forgets to do away with it.Well on this surface, you should preferably have the puppy loose and just give the puppy time. The best thing is if you just sit down or stand still or neutral. After a while, the puppy will pee or bait. Only then will you give the puppy praise and attention.

Carry out your puppy

Practically practical, it may well be so that you immediately do it after the puppy wakes up. As you raise your puppy, you increase the chance and the possibility that the puppy actually gets out on his own. When you lift the puppy it will not pee. At night I think you should set the clock every few hours to take out the puppy on a short break. If you are good at night time, it is often a relatively short time before the puppy is actually dry. In addition, the puppy is soon sleeping all night. You may also get him a comfy bed at petco or other store.

In this workout to make the puppy room rhyme, I can almost promise that the puppy will, after all, do away with it. It is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Room cleanliness is a process and exercise that takes a little time.

Do not forget that your little puppy is very young!