Different Types of Dog Training

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There are more than just one type of dog training. In fact, there are several. Depending on what stage your dog is at, depends on what you should train him.

The first is the most important lesson that every dog should be taught. It is Basic Dog Training, a lesson which covers the most important commands of Sit, Lay Down, Wait and Come. Before you train your dog anything else, they must learn the basic training.

After you teach your dog the Basic Training, you should teach him to walk on a leash. Even if you don’t take your dog walking, he should still be taught this incase you are taking him anywhere he might need to be on a leash. For example if you take him to the vet, you need to be able to control him and if he can’t walk on a leash, it will make it harder for you and him.

The next is Secondary Dog Training. This is tricks such as shake, that you can use to entertain guests when they come to lunch, or just to give your dog extra stimulation. Along with this, you should teach your dog some games to play with you such as fetch. This can be used as a reward instead of always giving him food.

Agility training comes in about here. This is teaching jumps, obstacle causes and to follow your lead or commands in an order. Agility is easier for smaller dogs, but bigger dog can also learn the agility tricks.

The last is Advanced Dog Training. These tricks can only be taught once the other lessons (apart from agility) are perfected. These tricks progress other tricks that have already been taught, or introduce a harder skill that takes alot of patience in order to teach.

Just remember to have patience teaching your dog, and don’t rush the tricks. If you rush the tricks then your dog can’t learn them as well, and you will have to go back to them again anyway.

Good luck with your training!

Rachel and the Dogs

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