3 quick dog leash lessons

It is important that your dog can walk on a leash. Even if you never take your dog walking. But before you start training him on the leash he needs to learn the Basic Dog Training. He needs to know how to walk on a leash incase you take him to the vet or a friends house and you need to be able to control him.

    1. Hook the leash onto your dog’s collar, and with your dog standing on the left side of your body, start walking.
    2. Your dog will most likely want to walk ahead of you. To stop him from doing this, is not to tug on the leash every time he does so, becasue if you do this he won’t learn that pulling ahead is bad, he will just not like going on walks. But the answer is to just stop walking until he comes back to. If you do this and he does come back to where you are standing, reward him and continue walking. Or you could just randomly change direction if he starts pulling. If you change direction alot your dog will naturally walk next to you wondering where you are going to go next.
    3. Either way your dog will learn to walk next to you on the leash. When he does, reward him.

    Walking your dog on the leash can be fun for both you and your dog. You and him can go for day trips to the beach, and to parks if your dog can walk on the leash properly, and happily.

    Good Luck with your training,